What is the history of lifelike dolls?

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What is the history of lifelike dolls?

Message par EllaJoy » jeu. 23 juin 2022 05:22

For ordinary people, We might pay more attention to how the TPE Sex Doll evolved into a lifelike Sex Doll. At first, dolls were originally just people's toys. With the development of the times, inflatable dolls appeared, which have a similar body shape to real humans. Although they can be used by humans, people's experience is not so satisfactory. In the continuous exploration, people have found non-toxic and harmless silicone material, which is more suitable for the production of Love Doll. In addition, there is also TPE Sex Doll, which is also a popular material on the market.

Now the Sex Doll is getting closer and closer to humans in terms of appearance and shape, and the realistic Sex Doll has the face, body, and genitals of a real human being. Whether in terms of visual effects or during use at night, the lifelike Sex Doll can almost be faked, immersing people in it and constantly exploring more poses and unknowns.

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